Sara, 47 from South Queensferry, Lothian Looking For Sex Dating


Sara’s Characteristics

Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Height: 5’5″-5’8″
Build: A Little Curvy
Religion: Spiritual
Marital Status: Single
Smoker: Moderate
Drinker: Social

About Sara

Despite this being a hook up place, I’m not looking for NSA hook ups.
I’m all about quality rather than quantity. I’m not here to work my way around here.If you are married, attached etc? Then get off here and pay her some attention 🙂
I’m single and I’m no ones bit on the side.I know my worth 🙂

I’m not exactly sure what I want but I do know what I don’t want.

I’m very down to earth,easy going but please don’t try and feed me BS.
I know my own mind, I’m stubborn,chatty,friendly,smily, fiesty yet kind, gentle and fiercely loyal.
I have a great sense of humour and don’t take myself too seriously.I love cheeky, witty, sarcastic wit .I can give as good as I get:)

Please No Cock pics…If I want to see?…I’ll ask !
Strangely enough ..I like faces.Thats where attraction starts.It doesn’t matter if you have the body of Adonis and a 10 incher if you look like Shrek or have bad teeth:)

Please don’t send me detailed emails about what you are going to do to me…That’s my decision,not yours 🙂

I like to get to know a person so if you are looking to chat one night and meet the next? That’s not for me.
I have my own style and can switch from hippy chick to sophisticated to rock chick,just not in one day:)

I adore proper stubble growth:) Infact it’s a deal breaker if you are clean shaven! I like blokes to look like blokes:)

I’m happy to just chit chat without any sexual attraction.
If I don’t reply ? Please don’t take it personally..It just means I don’t think we are compatible.


Christine, Chelmsford, Essex, Looking for Casual Dating

Christine, Chelmsford Seeks Adult Dating Partner

Christine, Chelmsford Seeks Adult Dating Partner

if all you are looking for is non complicated sex or casual relationship without any hang up and you live in or around Chelmsford in Essex, then Christine is the one for you. She is 31, single and looking for fun time. Read Christine’s sex dating profile below and make contact with her if you fancy her.

Christine’s Characteristics

Eye Colour:Blue
Hair Colour:Dark Brown
Hair Length:bLong
Height : 5’5″-5’8″
Build: Medium
Ethnicity : White
Religion: Spiritual
Marital Status: Single
Non Smoker
Social Drinker
Playing Safe? Always
Shaved Down Below?: Smooth
Favourite Position: Doggy Style

What Christine is looking for in her own words

I am of medium built with a big appetite for sex. I love it in unusual location, I have only done it in a park one, looking to do it in parks and open space and if you are adventurous enough, perhaps we can explore other places together. Please make contact if you want to see more pictures of me and arrange a date.

Lucy, 28, Monmouth, Monmouthshire Looking For A Date

Lucy, 28 Looking For A Date

Contact Lucy

Lucy’s Characteristics

Eye Colour: Light Blue
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Hair Length: Shoulder
Height: 5’1″-5’4″
Build: Average / Medium
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Marital Status: Unhappily Married
Smoker: Light
Drinker: Light
Playing Safe: With a new partner
Shaved: Smooth
Pierced: Yes
Favourite Position: Doggy Style

Lucy’s Sex Dating Profile in here own words

Hello Boys,
RIGHT what I’m after! well I’m not getting enough lol i have large breasts and a smooth shaven tight pussy ( only had 4 lovers since lost my cherry at 14),would love to show some youngsters what i know! but would also like to learn more about my own body and yours! and have fun while learning new things,never had more than 1 guy at the same time so a gangbang sounds like fun.
Some girls say BLACK is best and never had one of those either so one or two would be great.
I DON’T travel for cock so please don’t ask!!!!!! if ur genuine and wud like to taste my tight shaven pussy then u have to be prepared to come to mine……i also DON’T do ANAL so don’t ask or suggest

Lucy’s Interests

Adult movies at home, Visiting “Special” shops, Dogging, Oral – receiving, Oral – giving, Mutual Play, Public games, Fun with food and Orgies.

Send a Message To Lucy

Sarah, Beeston, Nottinghamshire Looking For Adult Contacts

Do you have an insatiable appetite for sex like Sarah? then read on. She said she won’t quite describe herself as a nympho but very close to that description. Read Sarah’s full sex dating profile below.

Contact Sarah

Sarah ‘s Characteristics

Height: 5’5″-5’8″
Build: Voluptuous
Ethnicity: Black African
Marital Status: Single
Drinker: Social
Playing Safe: Always
Favourite Position: Deep Stick

Sarah ‘s Profile

I would like someone who loves sex as much as me. Love to suck cock, and looking for a man with a good size cock to fuck my pussy hard and good.
I must say I do like the older men, looks and size is not an issue, would love to be a part of a man women women fuck session.
Anyone on here that is dirty filthy minded your what I am looking for. It’s not about how long you can fuck for it all about how you give it to me hopefully deep and hard.

Sarah ‘s Interests

Adult movies at home, Adult movies at cinema, Swinging parties, Visiting “Special” shops, Dogging, Oral – receiving, Oral – giving, Rimming – receiving and Orgies.

Message Sarah Here

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7 ways to rich orgasm

1. Music to one’s ears

I’m sure you have no problem in using your mouth to satisfy your partner’s needs, but don’t limit it to his/her genital area. Talk dirty! It can really improve your sex life. Not everyone can talk dirty during sex, and if you feel that you’re one of those persons, start slowly. Use words to guide your partner to your hot spots. This is not only practical, since you will be more satisfied with his/her performance, but it will also break the ice in bed. Your partner will be encouraged to do the same thing, and soon you will find that your sex life is amazing and that there are no secrets (at least in the bedroom). After you managed to give him directions on what to do to you, use an imperative tone. ‘Grab my ass!’ for example, instead of taking his/her hand and putting it there.

2. Practice makes perfect… by yourself as well

Many women complain that they don’t have an orgasm during sex. The trick to having orgasm with your partner is to first have them by yourself: masturbating. I haven’t met someone that had an orgasm during sex without having some while masturbating. Play with yourself! Masturbation is a normal thing, and it helps you to know your body, your likes and dislikes, and it often occurs long before your first kiss. But even if you are married and virginity is something forgotten in the past, masturbate! You may eve do it while you are having sex with your partner… he might enjoy it as well!

3. Be adventurous

It is important for you to experiment in the bedroom, but also, it is vital for you to do it outside your home. I’m not talking about sex (though it’s not out of the question). Buy a dress that you never dared wearing before, be sexy! Do something that gets your blood pumping. Adrenaline makes people happy, whether you have it with your clothes on (in real life) or naked (in the bedroom). Do activities such as bungee jumping, skydiving, steal a candy from the store and run (just kidding with the last one). When you do activities like these, chemicals that resemble to those released during an orgasm start to kick in. If you do these things with your partner is even better, as you will both be at the same level of excitement.

4. Foreplay all day

OK, not 24 hour a day. But try to start the foreplay early. If you are planning of spending an intimate night with your partner, prepare him for that. When at work, send him/her a naughty message, get him in the mood. You can even call him and ask him what he’s wearing, start a bit of a phone-sex. He/she will get horny and will look forward to meeting you later on. Actually, you can do this even if you were not planning on spending the night in bed: you partner will get the message or he/she will suggest an intimate meeting.

5. Ask you doctor about your medicine

It is known that some medicines have the frustrating side effect of turning down your libido. Anti-depressants, for example, can transform a night of hot sex into a let’s-get-it-over-with experience. Go to your doctor and ask him about the side effects of the pills you are taking, and if it’s the case, talk to him about other options. It’s all for a good cause!


6. It’s all in the breathing

This is not about a yoga class. Channeling your sexual energy into your breathing might be the thing to get you to that new highest peak. If you synchronize your energy level with your partner’s, both of you can slowly climb to the pleasure point together. This way, you will both finish at the same time and you won’t have to be frustrated about him/her not making you come. So, don’t forget to breath!


7. Work out your Kegel muscles

An intense orgasm is related to your Kegel muscles. So, if you want mind-blowing orgasms, you have to work for them. Do some exercises! If you don’t know where your Kegel muscles are, you can locate them by forcing yourself not to pee. Yes…there they are! You can practice at least 5 minutes everyday, and no one will know. You can do it at work or while you’re in the buss, and in a few days you will feel the difference in the intensity of your orgasms. And your partner will notice it too. So get your vagina in shape!

Susan started enjoying the sensations she had

As he thrust into her, she yelped. She had not imagined his cock would be so hard and thick. However, as he began thrusting in and out, she started enjoying the sensations his cock was giving her lust engorged cunt. He cupped her big tits for the first time and marveled at their resilience. He bit her shoulder and crushed her tits while now fucking her in a rhythm that was very erotic and sexy. He was rough, his thrusts hard and rapid and she was now totally under his control. Initially, she had imagined that she would be able to control him and even dominate him, but the tables had turned. He was fucking her like one possessed. He was making the best of all these years of denial and was giving her what she had been asking by teasing him all these months and through her movements – a good hard and satisfying fuck. Just as he was about to come, he pulled out leaving her very horny and craving. “Please give me that cock,” she was begging him. He slapped her big bottom and made as if he had had enough by beginning to stroke his cock in front of her. She literally was now on her knees like a dog wanting to taste his cock. He dangled it in front of her and shoved it into her warm mouth. She was more than happy and started sucking it in right earnest. He continued the same pace while fucking her mouth and was controlling her head movements by holding the back of her head. She licked the huge purple head once again and took him fully into her hungry mouth. Spit was dribbling down her pretty lips but it was as if she was possessed and wanted to swallow his hard cock as much as she could manage. Up and down her mouth went, sucking his cock and John threw his head back savoring the delight of this wonderful mouthfuck he was getting from this hot nurse.

Finally, he pulled out just when he was about to come and shot great wads of cum all over her face. She was only too happy to drink all of it and was gathering it from her face with her fingers to lick them clean. She must have climaxed more than a dozen times and was now looking forward to some rest happy with the fact that she had finally fucked this handsome doctor and can look forward to more such adventures.

John was totally drained out and satiated. He had not come like this for a long time and was now looking forward to the fact that future sexual trysts with this sex hungry nurse would be very exciting and stimulating for him.

His tongue was lashing itself against Susan

His tongue was lashing itself against her cunt, lapping it like a dog and he made sure that no part of her cunt was left out of this licking frenzy. He took her extended clitoris between her lips and that elicited further moans of pleasure and dirty talk from Susan who was now no longer in her senses. “Come on doctor, fuck me with your tongue, ream me, eat my fucking cunt and drink its juices, you dog” she screamed, little bothered about the sound she was making. John withdrew himself, darted across the room and locked the door. He did not want this sexual adventure to misfire and cost him his job.

He came back and asked her to turn over. Now he thought, the moment he was waiting for. Her skirt had slid up to her waist and her saucy buttocks was there in front of him just waiting for his hands and tongue. He started kneading them, astounded at their softness. This is heaven, he thought, how could anybody not prefer the ass over anything else, as he continued to mould and stroke them. He spread her asscheeks and noticed her brown asshole. It was seeking his attention and he started licking it. “Ahhhhhh, you fucking beast, eat my asshole, lick it, fuck it without your tongue,” she moaned as he gave it everything he had. She was now on all fours, lewdly sticking her sexy ass out as he spread them open and ate her. His tongue made repeated forays between her ass and cunt and his face was now bathed with her juices. She was rubbing her huge tits on the bed and cupping them with her hands, while moving her ass erotically and suggestively on his face. His other hand had managed to remove his trousers and was now stroking his steel hard cock craving for release. He stopped stroking just in time for fear of coming too soon. He wanted to fuck this beauty first and climbed onto the bed to fuck her doggy style.