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Susan started enjoying the sensations she had

As he thrust into her, she yelped. She had not imagined his cock would be so hard and thick. However, as he began thrusting in and out, she started enjoying the sensations his cock was giving her lust engorged cunt. He cupped her big tits for the first time and marveled at their resilience. He bit her shoulder and crushed her tits while now fucking her in a rhythm that was very erotic and sexy. He was rough, his thrusts hard and rapid and she was now totally under his control. Initially, she had imagined that she would be able to control him and even dominate him, but the tables had turned. He was fucking her like one possessed. He was making the best of all these years of denial and was giving her what she had been asking by teasing him all these months and through her movements – a good hard and satisfying fuck. Just as he was about to come, he pulled out leaving her very horny and craving. “Please give me that cock,” she was begging him. He slapped her big bottom and made as if he had had enough by beginning to stroke his cock in front of her. She literally was now on her knees like a dog wanting to taste his cock. He dangled it in front of her and shoved it into her warm mouth. She was more than happy and started sucking it in right earnest. He continued the same pace while fucking her mouth and was controlling her head movements by holding the back of her head. She licked the huge purple head once again and took him fully into her hungry mouth. Spit was dribbling down her pretty lips but it was as if she was possessed and wanted to swallow his hard cock as much as she could manage. Up and down her mouth went, sucking his cock and John threw his head back savoring the delight of this wonderful mouthfuck he was getting from this hot nurse.

Finally, he pulled out just when he was about to come and shot great wads of cum all over her face. She was only too happy to drink all of it and was gathering it from her face with her fingers to lick them clean. She must have climaxed more than a dozen times and was now looking forward to some rest happy with the fact that she had finally fucked this handsome doctor and can look forward to more such adventures.

John was totally drained out and satiated. He had not come like this for a long time and was now looking forward to the fact that future sexual trysts with this sex hungry nurse would be very exciting and stimulating for him.

His tongue was lashing itself against Susan

His tongue was lashing itself against her cunt, lapping it like a dog and he made sure that no part of her cunt was left out of this licking frenzy. He took her extended clitoris between her lips and that elicited further moans of pleasure and dirty talk from Susan who was now no longer in her senses. “Come on doctor, fuck me with your tongue, ream me, eat my fucking cunt and drink its juices, you dog” she screamed, little bothered about the sound she was making. John withdrew himself, darted across the room and locked the door. He did not want this sexual adventure to misfire and cost him his job.

He came back and asked her to turn over. Now he thought, the moment he was waiting for. Her skirt had slid up to her waist and her saucy buttocks was there in front of him just waiting for his hands and tongue. He started kneading them, astounded at their softness. This is heaven, he thought, how could anybody not prefer the ass over anything else, as he continued to mould and stroke them. He spread her asscheeks and noticed her brown asshole. It was seeking his attention and he started licking it. “Ahhhhhh, you fucking beast, eat my asshole, lick it, fuck it without your tongue,” she moaned as he gave it everything he had. She was now on all fours, lewdly sticking her sexy ass out as he spread them open and ate her. His tongue made repeated forays between her ass and cunt and his face was now bathed with her juices. She was rubbing her huge tits on the bed and cupping them with her hands, while moving her ass erotically and suggestively on his face. His other hand had managed to remove his trousers and was now stroking his steel hard cock craving for release. He stopped stroking just in time for fear of coming too soon. He wanted to fuck this beauty first and climbed onto the bed to fuck her doggy style.

Susan was in seventh heaven

He continued to stroke her ankle and now moved to her toes to pull them and see whether it evoked any pain within her. On her part, Susan was doing her best to arouse him and gave out one more moan that reeked of sex – “Aaaah, Doctor…, it is paining me, but you have such lovely and soft hands, she said, but the manner in which she said it suggested that she was now highly aroused by his touch and was practically enjoying an orgasm. His cock was so hard that he thought it would tear the fabric and jump out. He decided that he now had to make his move. He bent her leg such that both her legs were bent at right angles and slowly moved his hand up her leg till he could feel the soft flesh just above the back of the ankle. He deliberately kept massaging it and when he looked at her, he saw her eyes closed as if in delirium. He then slid his hand upwards till he would grip the back of her thigh and immediately was greeted by a prolonged “Ohhhhhhh…” which conveyed in no small measure her high state of sexual excitement. As he bent forward between her slightly spread thighs, he could get a whiff of her pussy juices as well as the perfume she had worn and it made him very horny. He was now on top of the bed and in a crouched position such that his face was between her thighs and taking in the beauty of her panty clad pussy. He moved the panty to one side and inserted his fore finger into her hot steaming cunt. He was really surprised that she could come so much as his finger was absolutely wet and made a sloshing sound as it moved in and out of her hairless cunt.

Susan was in seventh heaven and she was now pushing his head with one of her hands towards her cunt. Her other hand was busy kneading and crushing her ultra sensitive breasts and her nipples had now become erect and painfully stiff against her blouse.  She had got rid of her panties and now lay fully exposed with her thighs fully spread; waiting for him to do anything he wanted with her. She wanted him to eat her, lick her and shove his tongue up her ripe pussy. John was now looking at her cunt closely and marveled at its softness and colour. He notices her clitoris had perked up and decided to give it some attention. He slowly extended his tongue and flicked it. “Ohhhh, you fucking dog, lick me, lick my fucking cunt, lash it, and fuck it with your tongue, “screamed Susan. “Yes, my dear, he said, “I will give you a tongue fuck you will remember for a long time, let me first smell your sexy cunt”, and pushed his nose into her crimson cunt, taking in the aroma of her juices.

Susan became desperate to have sex

Ever since John had joined the hospital, Susan wanted him desperately to fuck her. She was very surprised that he hardly took any interest in her despite the fact that she had tried her best to arouse his desires. At twenty three, she was in the prime of her youth with a figure that would arouse erotic thoughts even in an eighty year old. Her face had that raw sexuality due to the pouting lips which promised a lot of sucking pleasure. Her breasts were heavy and firm and made their presence felt even from inside the heavy scrub that she had to wear. She had long nipples which became longer when erect and it did not take her long to become sexually excited. At times, she would deliberately brush her breasts against John’s arm when working together and they would immediately stiffen up. She masturbated at least once a day and would have John in her fantasies – licking her nipples, fingering her and ultimately putting his cock in her. It did not occur to her that her awesome ass was enough by itself to turn any normal man into a beast and though she could feel his eyes following her whenever she walked away from him, she did not think his interest was riveted on her luscious ass. She was far too proud of her breasts to think of anything else and used them to attract the attention of men.

Today as she walked away, she felt that familiar itch in her cunt. How she wanted this guy to pleasure her and use her. She decided she had to do something and seduce him. The only way to get his attention would be to feign a problem and draw his attention to her. Once that happened, she knew she could then take over and fulfill her lust.

That same afternoon, she knocked on his office door and slid inside even without waiting for his permission. ‘Doctor John, it seems that I have sprained my ankle pretty badly and would request you to look at it please,’ she said. John was pleasantly surprised at seeing her inside his office and when she mentioned about her problem, he knew that this was an opportunity for him to pay some attention to that ass. ‘Oh sure, Susan why don’t you just lie down while I examine it, he said and before he could say anything more, she had kicked off her shoes and made herself comfortable on the bed. She had not worn her scrubs this time and was in a skirt and blouse. As he looked at her ankle, he saw that she had parted her legs slightly and he could see all the way down to her crotch. She had worn light pink panties and he thought he could detect a wet patch on her pussy. Susan saw him look and was now sure that she had him by his balls. She deliberately raised her other leg and increased the space making it very easy for him to look into the dark recess. John now gingerly held her ankle and made as if he was checking for any fracture and just as he moved his hand, she gave a moan of pain – it was more of a moan of sexual pleasure, he felt and his cock sprang to attention within his pants. He was thankful he was standing close to the bed and was therefore sure that she could not see the obvious bulge in his pants and the tent his cock had constructed against the trouser material.

Susan’s erotic & sexual lust fulfilled

John watched the gentle sway of her hips as Susan walked away from him. He was wondering whether the extra movement of her hips was for his benefit. He had now been working in this hospital as an orthopedic surgeon for over a year now and had succeeded in making a reputation for him self. His brilliant academic record and suave good looks were a potent combination and could arouse wicked fantasies in most normal women.

As far as he could remember, he had always been good at studies and had set his sights on becoming a doctor at a very early age. His tremendous ability to get into detail and fantastic memory were useful attributes for this profession and it was not a surprise for his family when he passed out with flying colours. At the medical college, he had been the serious type and concentrated on his studies, which left him very little time for flirting and moving around with women. He did have the occasional fling though but was far too serious about his academics to really pursue women. Not that there was any dearth of them. Many of his friends were women, but their group was such that everybody seemed more intent and focused on their academics and was very particular about not getting into any kind of a relationship – casual or long term.

On his part, he had always been an ass man. Though the sight of uplifted firm breasts and long legs attracted him, it was the saucy behind of a woman that he checked out every time he saw one. Susan was one such woman with an ass that anybody would have liked to fondle, knead and rub his cock against them. Even beneath the scrub that she wore, they seemed to have a life of their own and when she walked they swayed ever so gently as if blatantly offering those for a nice fondle. John did want to get her into his bed, but his busy schedule always prevented him from making any sexual overtures with her. He had concentrated on establishing himself in the hospital and now knew that the time had come when he could have fun with some of the pretty nurses working for him.  Something told him that Susan liked him and he would not have many problems fucking her and it was only up to him to seize the initiative.