7 ways to rich orgasm

1. Music to one’s ears

I’m sure you have no problem in using your mouth to satisfy your partner’s needs, but don’t limit it to his/her genital area. Talk dirty! It can really improve your sex life. Not everyone can talk dirty during sex, and if you feel that you’re one of those persons, start slowly. Use words to guide your partner to your hot spots. This is not only practical, since you will be more satisfied with his/her performance, but it will also break the ice in bed. Your partner will be encouraged to do the same thing, and soon you will find that your sex life is amazing and that there are no secrets (at least in the bedroom). After you managed to give him directions on what to do to you, use an imperative tone. ‘Grab my ass!’ for example, instead of taking his/her hand and putting it there.

2. Practice makes perfect… by yourself as well

Many women complain that they don’t have an orgasm during sex. The trick to having orgasm with your partner is to first have them by yourself: masturbating. I haven’t met someone that had an orgasm during sex without having some while masturbating. Play with yourself! Masturbation is a normal thing, and it helps you to know your body, your likes and dislikes, and it often occurs long before your first kiss. But even if you are married and virginity is something forgotten in the past, masturbate! You may eve do it while you are having sex with your partner… he might enjoy it as well!

3. Be adventurous

It is important for you to experiment in the bedroom, but also, it is vital for you to do it outside your home. I’m not talking about sex (though it’s not out of the question). Buy a dress that you never dared wearing before, be sexy! Do something that gets your blood pumping. Adrenaline makes people happy, whether you have it with your clothes on (in real life) or naked (in the bedroom). Do activities such as bungee jumping, skydiving, steal a candy from the store and run (just kidding with the last one). When you do activities like these, chemicals that resemble to those released during an orgasm start to kick in. If you do these things with your partner is even better, as you will both be at the same level of excitement.

4. Foreplay all day

OK, not 24 hour a day. But try to start the foreplay early. If you are planning of spending an intimate night with your partner, prepare him for that. When at work, send him/her a naughty message, get him in the mood. You can even call him and ask him what he’s wearing, start a bit of a phone-sex. He/she will get horny and will look forward to meeting you later on. Actually, you can do this even if you were not planning on spending the night in bed: you partner will get the message or he/she will suggest an intimate meeting.

5. Ask you doctor about your medicine

It is known that some medicines have the frustrating side effect of turning down your libido. Anti-depressants, for example, can transform a night of hot sex into a let’s-get-it-over-with experience. Go to your doctor and ask him about the side effects of the pills you are taking, and if it’s the case, talk to him about other options. It’s all for a good cause!


6. It’s all in the breathing

This is not about a yoga class. Channeling your sexual energy into your breathing might be the thing to get you to that new highest peak. If you synchronize your energy level with your partner’s, both of you can slowly climb to the pleasure point together. This way, you will both finish at the same time and you won’t have to be frustrated about him/her not making you come. So, don’t forget to breath!


7. Work out your Kegel muscles

An intense orgasm is related to your Kegel muscles. So, if you want mind-blowing orgasms, you have to work for them. Do some exercises! If you don’t know where your Kegel muscles are, you can locate them by forcing yourself not to pee. Yes…there they are! You can practice at least 5 minutes everyday, and no one will know. You can do it at work or while you’re in the buss, and in a few days you will feel the difference in the intensity of your orgasms. And your partner will notice it too. So get your vagina in shape!

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