His tongue was lashing itself against Susan

His tongue was lashing itself against her cunt, lapping it like a dog and he made sure that no part of her cunt was left out of this licking frenzy. He took her extended clitoris between her lips and that elicited further moans of pleasure and dirty talk from Susan who was now no longer in her senses. “Come on doctor, fuck me with your tongue, ream me, eat my fucking cunt and drink its juices, you dog” she screamed, little bothered about the sound she was making. John withdrew himself, darted across the room and locked the door. He did not want this sexual adventure to misfire and cost him his job.

He came back and asked her to turn over. Now he thought, the moment he was waiting for. Her skirt had slid up to her waist and her saucy buttocks was there in front of him just waiting for his hands and tongue. He started kneading them, astounded at their softness. This is heaven, he thought, how could anybody not prefer the ass over anything else, as he continued to mould and stroke them. He spread her asscheeks and noticed her brown asshole. It was seeking his attention and he started licking it. “Ahhhhhh, you fucking beast, eat my asshole, lick it, fuck it without your tongue,” she moaned as he gave it everything he had. She was now on all fours, lewdly sticking her sexy ass out as he spread them open and ate her. His tongue made repeated forays between her ass and cunt and his face was now bathed with her juices. She was rubbing her huge tits on the bed and cupping them with her hands, while moving her ass erotically and suggestively on his face. His other hand had managed to remove his trousers and was now stroking his steel hard cock craving for release. He stopped stroking just in time for fear of coming too soon. He wanted to fuck this beauty first and climbed onto the bed to fuck her doggy style.

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