Susan started enjoying the sensations she had

As he thrust into her, she yelped. She had not imagined his cock would be so hard and thick. However, as he began thrusting in and out, she started enjoying the sensations his cock was giving her lust engorged cunt. He cupped her big tits for the first time and marveled at their resilience. He bit her shoulder and crushed her tits while now fucking her in a rhythm that was very erotic and sexy. He was rough, his thrusts hard and rapid and she was now totally under his control. Initially, she had imagined that she would be able to control him and even dominate him, but the tables had turned. He was fucking her like one possessed. He was making the best of all these years of denial and was giving her what she had been asking by teasing him all these months and through her movements – a good hard and satisfying fuck. Just as he was about to come, he pulled out leaving her very horny and craving. “Please give me that cock,” she was begging him. He slapped her big bottom and made as if he had had enough by beginning to stroke his cock in front of her. She literally was now on her knees like a dog wanting to taste his cock. He dangled it in front of her and shoved it into her warm mouth. She was more than happy and started sucking it in right earnest. He continued the same pace while fucking her mouth and was controlling her head movements by holding the back of her head. She licked the huge purple head once again and took him fully into her hungry mouth. Spit was dribbling down her pretty lips but it was as if she was possessed and wanted to swallow his hard cock as much as she could manage. Up and down her mouth went, sucking his cock and John threw his head back savoring the delight of this wonderful mouthfuck he was getting from this hot nurse.

Finally, he pulled out just when he was about to come and shot great wads of cum all over her face. She was only too happy to drink all of it and was gathering it from her face with her fingers to lick them clean. She must have climaxed more than a dozen times and was now looking forward to some rest happy with the fact that she had finally fucked this handsome doctor and can look forward to more such adventures.

John was totally drained out and satiated. He had not come like this for a long time and was now looking forward to the fact that future sexual trysts with this sex hungry nurse would be very exciting and stimulating for him.

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