Susan was in seventh heaven

He continued to stroke her ankle and now moved to her toes to pull them and see whether it evoked any pain within her. On her part, Susan was doing her best to arouse him and gave out one more moan that reeked of sex – “Aaaah, Doctor…, it is paining me, but you have such lovely and soft hands, she said, but the manner in which she said it suggested that she was now highly aroused by his touch and was practically enjoying an orgasm. His cock was so hard that he thought it would tear the fabric and jump out. He decided that he now had to make his move. He bent her leg such that both her legs were bent at right angles and slowly moved his hand up her leg till he could feel the soft flesh just above the back of the ankle. He deliberately kept massaging it and when he looked at her, he saw her eyes closed as if in delirium. He then slid his hand upwards till he would grip the back of her thigh and immediately was greeted by a prolonged “Ohhhhhhh…” which conveyed in no small measure her high state of sexual excitement. As he bent forward between her slightly spread thighs, he could get a whiff of her pussy juices as well as the perfume she had worn and it made him very horny. He was now on top of the bed and in a crouched position such that his face was between her thighs and taking in the beauty of her panty clad pussy. He moved the panty to one side and inserted his fore finger into her hot steaming cunt. He was really surprised that she could come so much as his finger was absolutely wet and made a sloshing sound as it moved in and out of her hairless cunt.

Susan was in seventh heaven and she was now pushing his head with one of her hands towards her cunt. Her other hand was busy kneading and crushing her ultra sensitive breasts and her nipples had now become erect and painfully stiff against her blouse.  She had got rid of her panties and now lay fully exposed with her thighs fully spread; waiting for him to do anything he wanted with her. She wanted him to eat her, lick her and shove his tongue up her ripe pussy. John was now looking at her cunt closely and marveled at its softness and colour. He notices her clitoris had perked up and decided to give it some attention. He slowly extended his tongue and flicked it. “Ohhhh, you fucking dog, lick me, lick my fucking cunt, lash it, and fuck it with your tongue, “screamed Susan. “Yes, my dear, he said, “I will give you a tongue fuck you will remember for a long time, let me first smell your sexy cunt”, and pushed his nose into her crimson cunt, taking in the aroma of her juices.

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