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Susan became desperate to have sex

Ever since John had joined the hospital, Susan wanted him desperately to fuck her. She was very surprised that he hardly took any interest in her despite the fact that she had tried her best to arouse his desires. At twenty three, she was in the prime of her youth with a figure that would arouse erotic thoughts even in an eighty year old. Her face had that raw sexuality due to the pouting lips which promised a lot of sucking pleasure. Her breasts were heavy and firm and made their presence felt even from inside the heavy scrub that she had to wear. She had long nipples which became longer when erect and it did not take her long to become sexually excited. At times, she would deliberately brush her breasts against John’s arm when working together and they would immediately stiffen up. She masturbated at least once a day and would have John in her fantasies – licking her nipples, fingering her and ultimately putting his cock in her. It did not occur to her that her awesome ass was enough by itself to turn any normal man into a beast and though she could feel his eyes following her whenever she walked away from him, she did not think his interest was riveted on her luscious ass. She was far too proud of her breasts to think of anything else and used them to attract the attention of men.

Today as she walked away, she felt that familiar itch in her cunt. How she wanted this guy to pleasure her and use her. She decided she had to do something and seduce him. The only way to get his attention would be to feign a problem and draw his attention to her. Once that happened, she knew she could then take over and fulfill her lust.

That same afternoon, she knocked on his office door and slid inside even without waiting for his permission. ‘Doctor John, it seems that I have sprained my ankle pretty badly and would request you to look at it please,’ she said. John was pleasantly surprised at seeing her inside his office and when she mentioned about her problem, he knew that this was an opportunity for him to pay some attention to that ass. ‘Oh sure, Susan why don’t you just lie down while I examine it, he said and before he could say anything more, she had kicked off her shoes and made herself comfortable on the bed. She had not worn her scrubs this time and was in a skirt and blouse. As he looked at her ankle, he saw that she had parted her legs slightly and he could see all the way down to her crotch. She had worn light pink panties and he thought he could detect a wet patch on her pussy. Susan saw him look and was now sure that she had him by his balls. She deliberately raised her other leg and increased the space making it very easy for him to look into the dark recess. John now gingerly held her ankle and made as if he was checking for any fracture and just as he moved his hand, she gave a moan of pain – it was more of a moan of sexual pleasure, he felt and his cock sprang to attention within his pants. He was thankful he was standing close to the bed and was therefore sure that she could not see the obvious bulge in his pants and the tent his cock had constructed against the trouser material.