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Susan’s erotic & sexual lust fulfilled

John watched the gentle sway of her hips as Susan walked away from him. He was wondering whether the extra movement of her hips was for his benefit. He had now been working in this hospital as an orthopedic surgeon for over a year now and had succeeded in making a reputation for him self. His brilliant academic record and suave good looks were a potent combination and could arouse wicked fantasies in most normal women.

As far as he could remember, he had always been good at studies and had set his sights on becoming a doctor at a very early age. His tremendous ability to get into detail and fantastic memory were useful attributes for this profession and it was not a surprise for his family when he passed out with flying colours. At the medical college, he had been the serious type and concentrated on his studies, which left him very little time for flirting and moving around with women. He did have the occasional fling though but was far too serious about his academics to really pursue women. Not that there was any dearth of them. Many of his friends were women, but their group was such that everybody seemed more intent and focused on their academics and was very particular about not getting into any kind of a relationship – casual or long term.

On his part, he had always been an ass man. Though the sight of uplifted firm breasts and long legs attracted him, it was the saucy behind of a woman that he checked out every time he saw one. Susan was one such woman with an ass that anybody would have liked to fondle, knead and rub his cock against them. Even beneath the scrub that she wore, they seemed to have a life of their own and when she walked they swayed ever so gently as if blatantly offering those for a nice fondle. John did want to get her into his bed, but his busy schedule always prevented him from making any sexual overtures with her. He had concentrated on establishing himself in the hospital and now knew that the time had come when he could have fun with some of the pretty nurses working for him.  Something told him that Susan liked him and he would not have many problems fucking her and it was only up to him to seize the initiative.